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The threats we face from crime and disaster are real. Join me, JC Owens, on my Street Smarts for Life podcast to discuss the everyday events that could be putting us in harm's way, and learn the awareness and preparedness skills that can assist us in adapting and surviving in all areas of daily life. 

Beginning with his first book, "Aware Not Afraid: Staying Safe Against Crime and Disaster," J.C. is now preparing to release the second edition titled "Street Smarts for Life: A Guide to Staying Safe Against Crime and Disaster." Please take the time to enjoy a complimentary preview of the first four chapters of the book.

J.C. Owens

J.C. is a dynamic leader, speaker and author. He attributes his successes, in life and in business, to the skills he learned on the streets, providing him the ability to think quickly and adapt to changing situations and environments. His message about the growing need for awareness and accepting personal responsibility for one’s safety and security is timely and empowering. His knowledge and experience about street-level and gang-related crime, acquired as a young man , have been used as valuable assets in various law enforcement operations. He is very skilled at operating in high-risk environments, with an emphasis on threat assessment and preparedness. This information can also be used as an indispensable resource for every-day survival.

Podcast Episodes

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