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Welcome To The Streets Smart For Life Podcast

Meet your host J.C. Owens. Discover how he turned a life of poverty and crime into his own unique success story.

Peaceful Protests vs Terrorist Riots

Peaceful protests are a constitutional right and can affect positive change; violent rioting is an act of domestic terrorism and cannot be allowed lest we become a third world cesspool, void of law and order.

Leadership is a Service Position

Leadership: What are some of the common traits of a good leader? What is required to serve as a good leader?

Charitable Giving: Where Does Your Money Go?

Over 400 billion in annual charitable donations are given by those who want to help others, but what (or who) are we really supporting?

Mother’s Day – 2020

In my Mother’s Day podcast, I talk about the positives that can often come out of strained relationships.

Criminals: Coming to a Neighborhood Near You

Our faulty and politically motivated legal system has created the largest prison system in the world. It's broken! Now in an effort to cut prison system budgets, citizens’ lives are being endangered by using coronavirus as an excuse to release thousands and thousands of criminals back onto the streets, only TO PREY ON YOU!

The Last Deal I Negotiated for My Father

It is inevitable that we will all pass. My parting gift to my father was negotiating a good price on his final arrangements, and a fun memory my brother and I shared along the way.

The Key to Living a Satisfying Life

How to use unconventional wisdom to rise to the top in all of life endeavors, be it at home, work or play.

Accountability Is Important

Accountability is important and applies to all aspects of how we treat others, and a very valuable lesson J.C. learned about being respectful to others at a very young age.

Unconventional Wisdom for Success

How to use unconventional wisdom to rise to the top in all of life endeavors, be it at home, work or play.

Being Prepared for a Crisis

What does it mean for the average household to prepare and to stay prepared for an unexpected crisis or disaster? The threats we face are real!

Human Performance and Ingenuity During Times of Crisis

My father used to say “when the going gets tough, the tough get going.” They also get very creative.

Shelter In Place

We’ve all heard the term "shelter in place." What does that actually mean and how do we prepare?

What Happened To The News

Today’s “Breaking News,” a 24-hour cycle of entertainment clouded by opinions—sensationalism with very little accuracy or truth.

My Dogs And Horses

A light-hearted conversation about my love and appreciation for my dogs and horses, life’s furry companions.

Our Lives Are Constantly Changing

Our lives are constantly changing, and it’s impossible to remain the same; you’re either improving or regressing.

Coronovirus Pandemic

Although the Coronavirus can be life-threatening, for most of us it is going to simply be a matter of how we choose to go through and respond to the experience.

Parenting In A Changing World

Growing up in today’s world can be difficult for our children, introducing daily challenges in how we meet our children’s needs as parents.

Embracing The Struggle

J.C. discusses the difference between living life as a victim and writing one’s own success story. Discover how you can turn every day, good or bad, into a learning experience.